Diploma in Film & Theater Acting

Acting – a certain career for the those who posses a cult acting talent, who has the magic to make believe a non-existent world, who has the magic to make you fall in love with the idea of performing, who makes you feel to act! That is what acting is all about. We at Cinebuzz deliver you that magic! We make acting a certain career for you by imparting the extraordinary skills beyond looks to make you a gem of acting world!

With experienced professionals and technology support, we give you that practical training derived from the struggles of various artistes.

Acting is incomplete without action sequence..Remember? Dhai kilo ka haath jab kisi pe padta hai na , tab aadmi uththa nahi , uth jata hai and off course Bollywood dance techniques . We have come up with an overall package just for you to make you complete in the given industry.


The good actors should be known for their acting, performances rather than just looks. Our aim is to produce such skilled actors who fits in every art form of acting such as street plays, theater, commercial, television serials, films, etc.

Eligibility: Passion for acting

Course Duration: 4 months + 1 month project