Does this course assure the work in films, TV or any other media?

Yes. If you prove your ability to do creative work, you’ll get work. As film and TV entertainment have became the basic needs of human being post food, clothing and shelter.

Is there any language preference for this course?

No. Art has no language barrier.

Which language is course conducted?

Hindi & English

Do you provide loan facility?

Yes. We provide assistance for loans

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Yes. You can pay the fees in 2-5 installments depending on the course.

Are there any age criteria?

No. Any film & TV enthusiasts with creative vision can enroll for our courses.

Any specific qualification required?

No. You have been judged on the basis of creativity not on any degree.

Is there scope for this field?

As entertainment is now considered to be basic need of human being post food, clothing and shelter, there is major scope in the field.